Business people or Individuals with foreign family

Lawsuit experts are everywhere and can suddenly endanger your wealth beyond the insurance coverage. Smart entity setup and attorney-client privilege can discourage lawsuits against you, protect your wealth, and save taxes.

If you expect inheritance from foreign parents or have foreign unreported assets, the fitted advice is ready for you. 

Parent with minors or disabled people

Nobody knows when, where, and how to die or be incapacitated. Prudent planning for emergent situations is a must for families with disabled people and parents of minor children.

Special needs trust is the arrangement for your loved ones when you are not around.

Senior citizens

As foliage becomes composts for the trees, legacy and wealth planning can be completed before being late. Careless planning may cause a big burden and conflicts to your loved ones.

Provide asset protection for your loved ones to pass your love and care.


  • Smart Entity Setup and Achieve Privacy

  • Global Income / Gift / Estate Tax Planning Using LLCs and Trusts

  • FBAR Solutions


  • Revocable Living Trust and Follow-ups

  • Special Needs Trust

  • Emergency Plan To Protect Children


  • Incapacitated Status Plan Package

  • Tailored Trust Plan For Your Loved Ones

  • International Estate Planning

Client stories


Sincerely solved my family IRS matters. Recommendable attorney


Smart and reliable. Cleanly provided LLC solutions


Planning was beyond expectation. Was professional.